Abstract Submission

ICAE 2024 Abstract


Deadline for second round of submissions 1st June 2024


We welcome traditional academic read papers, as well as installations, dance, music, poetry, films, messy text, collaborations and multimedia presentations around this years theme of Murmurations

Special sessions and panels

You are welcome to create and submit your own panel with colleagues, or select one to join.

Poetics Please

This year we once again invite presentations to our “poetics please” (in person only) session around the conference theme of murmurations. If you wish to be included in this session please add “poetics please” at the top of your abstract when you submit. Poems should be no longer than 3min and we request you not use power point.

In progress panel

Would you like to share your work through an “in progress” presentation where more attention can be given to developing and publishing your work? If so, mark your submission as “in progress” session.

Got an idea?

Should you wish to discuss your ideas or if would like some advice to help guide you as you prepare and plan, please contact Tim Buescher using the following contact:

Please take the following into consideration before submitting an abstract and presenting your work.

  1. The word limit is up to 200 words, (reviewers will stop reading at 200)
  2. We review on a rolling basis allowing authors to receive notification regarding their submission within two weeks of submission.
  3. If accepted your contribution will be scheduled into the draft programme and information will be available on the ‘sneak preview’ page of this website.
  4. We cannot provide you with the content of your abstract so please save a copy. Last year several people asked us “can you send me my abstract”
  5. When registering please add your first and last names as you would like them to appear on the programme, last year a considerable amount of time was taken up with request to “change my name”.
  6. If you have failed to received notification from the conference committee within two weeks of submitting your abstract please contact conference administrator
  7. If your abstract is accepted, and you intend to present a film or pre-recorded submission, we require you to either send an Mp4. file, or a link to YouTube/Vimeo before the 1st June 2024.
  8. Live presentations, papers of all kinds are welcome.
  9. Last year two delegates sent us their presentations at 2am on the day of their presentation at the conference. This is unfair to all volunteers helping run the event and we want to avoid this type of stress. We have also found powerpoint presentations frequently break the flow of a session and can often introduce delays during the sessions when a delegate has not submitted their presentation for pre-loading, or due to incompatibility issues, or when they fail to load, or if are issues with security. With these issues in mind might we ask if you intend for your work to be punished as “journal article / paper” or “text article” (written publications) there is little need to use powerpoint at this conference. Please consider reading or performing you work.
  10. Further advice on what is expected at ICAE. How should I present my work at the ICAE conference? There is (fortunately) not an unequivocal answer to this. We encourage you to present your work in a manner that communicates with the audience, in a form you feel comfortable with. We want this to be an inspiring experience for you and the audience. The ICAE is not an “ordinary research conference” where the aim is to present research findings in a scientific IMRAD structure. Thus, power point presentations with bullet points might not be the best way to share your work. We encourage you to find other ways of presenting – for example reading, performing, photo or film. Feel free – just remember to stick to the time frame

Abstract submission is now open

To submit your abstract or artist statement, please complete the following form (which includes your name, contact details & affiliation). If you are unsure about how to describe your work or experience problems submitting the form,  please contact the conference administrator jessie@boomerang-project.org.uk

Please note All participants are required to register for the conference before being included in the final programme. 

  • Please submit your proposals as soon as possible to secure your place in the programme. We will read and review your contribution based on the first 200 words used.
  • We use a “rolling review” process and attempt to review abstract and provide authors/presenters feedback/outcome of the review within two weeks of submission.
  • Should you not hear from the conference committee within three weeks of submitting your abstract please contact us.