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An articulate Witness: What does it take to “offer” feedback

Elyse Pineau

Articulate Witness: the art and ethics of critical response

In this poetic essay, I reflect on the responsibilities of bearing witness to another’s work, especially in situations where one is called to respond immediately and publicly. Drawing upon skills honed through decades in undergraduate performance classrooms, I highlight four qualities I believe undergird artful and ethical critical response: the labor of undivided attention, the humility of deep listening, the courage to speak with spontaneous passion, and the commitment to uplift the spirit of the other.


Writing Philosophical Autoethnography (2023, Routledge)

Alec Grant, Mark Freeman, Christopher Poulos, Julie-Anne Scott-Pollock, Georgina Tuari Stewart, Art Bochner, Shelley Rawlins

Writing Philosophical Autoethnography is the first volume of narrative autoethnographic work in which invited contributing authors were charged with exploring their issues, concerns, and topics about human society, culture, and the material world through an explicitly philosophical lens.

Biog: I am an artist and poet – a selection of my work is distributed by Lux Artists’ Moving Image and more recently I produce essays and poems within the auto-ethnographic frame. Below is a link to my reading of ‘Well up’ from ICAE10 IN 2023, [at 9m 29s]

Poetry please”

with Chris Saunders

I am looking forward to once again chairing the Poetry Please session giving a space for auto-ethnographies that perhaps cannot be so easily contained within the essay form. Essays can be poetic and poems can be essays – both can distil ideas to an essence of meaning that stands up and speaks without orthodox permissions and self-censoring. Poetry especially makes sense sit down and be still enough to listen to the voice that murmurs below the surface noise of our being sensible. By standing under that dominating mind we are returned to listening on another level of consciousness and conscience– to parts of our selves we may have forgotten. 

See you in July, Chris


“Enlli Murmuration” Mel Perry

“Timing is Everything! Reflections on Kairos and Coevality within my Practice as an Educator and Social Being”, Paul Stronge, Peninsular Medical School, University of Plymouth

“Questioning my right to write as I roam” Hazel R Wright, Anglia Ruskin University

“Knotworking’ and the role of trust in interdisciplinary groups”,Tracey Collett, University of Plymouth

“Generating Swoopings and Swirlings at Sunset and Sunrise”, Mary Catherine Garland, University of Plymouth

“The Space Between: Reflections on white, working-class males and the neoliberalisation of identities – An autoethnographic study”, Dane Morace-Court, University of Chichester

“Soles of Black Men: A Moving Conversation About Black Men, Black Joy, and Rest”, Chris Omni & Vince Omni, Florida State University

Accepted Abstract “Will I ever finish this bloomin PhD – Will The Madonna Method get me through?”

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If I complete my PhD in 2024, will mark exactly 20 years of being a university student from start to finish at the same university in the UK (University of Leicester). I am doing a practice-based PhD, which is The thesis consists of approx. 50,000 words collation of posts from my Facebook page called ‘Diary of a Disabled PhD Student’ as the practice piece accompanied by a 40,000-word Critical Reflection. The Diary reflects on all aspects of the website set up for the project. Posts include links to interviews and biographies of people with disabilities for the Disabled Peoples and Actors Project, articles, anecdotes, daily life, and sharing other people’s work from a disabled /intersectional lens, which all are on the website. Find out today if I have submitted my PhD and learn more about how The Madonna Method that I developed is relevant to my PhD.

See my Work in Progress research project in live time at: 

Please do not circulate or publish my surname online.

Accepted Abstract Title “Who is being punished? Realities and possibilities for mental health among prison officers in the UK Civil Service.”

Viktorija Soboliovaite-Janoniene

A decade ago, I relocated from Lithuania to London for academic and professional pursuits. I aspired to emulate the distinguished careers of my grandfather – Military Armoured Combat Machine operator, and father – Police Inspector. My vocational ambition cantered on becoming a policewoman, aligning with family legacy.

Encountering a procedural impediment for Police Constable, I redirected my focus towards becoming Prison Officer. At 21, I commenced an intensive training program at Prison College, encompassing the acquisition of skills in de-escalation, active listening, physical strength, and control & restraint techniques. This commitment culminated in the attainment of a Level 3 Diploma in The Management and Care of Individuals in The Custodial Environment in 2018.Simultaneously, I pursued an undergraduate degree in Criminology, Policing, and Forensics at the University of West London, graduating in 2019.