The International Conference of Autoethnography 2021

As announced at the conclusion of last year’s conference the 2021 International Conference of Autoethnography will be an online conference

This is in part due to uncertain travel restrictions as well as ongoing health risks associated with COVID-19 and the global pandemic. Additionally, we have received a considerable number of requests from colleagues stating they would be unable to travel for the conference for other reasons unrelated to covid, but value the opportunity to participate when the conference is virtual. At the present time, we are planning to include both online/virtual dimensions andin person/physical dimensions within the 2022 conference.

Abstract submission is now open for 2021

We invite you to join us for pre-conference workshops on the 18th July and the full conference on the 19th and 20th July. Please visit the “sneak preview” to get an idea of submissions as they are accepted. Please select from the dropdown box above for registration, abstract submission, to nominate a colleague for the Lifetime Achievement Award or to sign up to, or nominate a local autoethnography group to the network. Further information regarding our Keynote speakers and workshop topics will be available shortly.


bodies, territories, touch

In the previous 12 months we have seen dramatic events unfold across the world. Our inclination to touch has been arrested by a virus that has no respect for bodies or territories. Likewise, the fires and flooding that have plagued many parts of Australia, South America, USA and Europe, pay no attention to borders or bodies as they consume and destroy everything in their path. In addition, political precedents have threatened democratic principles that hold peoples and territories together. Who has not been touched or troubled by these world events? As authoethnographers, citizens of many countries and tribes, peoples and communities, we share a vision that through the telling of our individual stories and through the sharing of our own lives, we might bring into focus how world events impact actual lives, and some of the consequences. Our contributions voice poverty, exploitation, exclusion, mental health and illness, along with communion, advocacy, social justice, creativity, growth, activism and hope. We invite you to share your work, and experiences or to contribute to conversation and solidarity. We are an interdisciplinary conference where a variety of formats, methodologies and creative contributions are welcome, as are more formal traditional conference contributions.