ICAE 2021 Abstract Submission



ICAE 2021 is an online conference delivered through live/streamed and recorded sessions.

We welcome – traditional academic/read papers, as well as installations, dance, music, poetry, films, messy text, collaborations and multimedia presentations.

We also welcome individual submissions as well as themed panels. Please contact Tim Buescher at timbuescher1975@gmail.com to discuss your requirements or ideas for a panel.

Presenters have the opportunity to present their work live or via a pre-recorded mp4. Please inform us on the form below what you intend to do.

Please take the following into consideration before submitting your abstract.

  1. Please submit no more than a 200 word abstract before the 31st May.  We review on a rolling basis therefore authors will receive notification regarding their submission within two weeks of submission. After acceptance your contribution will be scheduled into the draft programme and information will be available on the ‘sneak preview’ page of this website.
  2. If your abstract is accepted, and you intend to pre-record your submission, we require you to send an Mp4. file, and it should be received by us before the 28th June 2021.
  3. Live presentations, papers of all kinds are welcome.

Conference Themes: Bodies, Territories, Touch

As authoethnographers, citizens of many coutries and tribes, peoples and communities, we share a vision that through the telling of our individual and collaborative stories and through the sharing of our own lives we might bring into focus how world events impact actual lives. Our contributions voice poverty, exclusion, mental health and illness, communion, social justice, creativity, growth, activism and hope. We invite you to join the conference to share your work and experiences, or/and to contribute to the conversations and support the work of others.

This is an interdisciplinary conference where a variety of formats, methodologies and creative contributions are welcome, as are more formal traditional conference papers.

Abstract submission is now CLOSED

To submit your abstract or artist statement, please complete the following form (which includes your name, contact details & affiliation). If you are unsure about how to describe your work or experience problems submitting it,  please contact Tim Buescher (timbuescher1975@gmail.com)

All participants are required to register for the conference before being included in the final programme. 

  • Please submit your proposals as soon as possible to secure your place in the programme. We will read and review your contribution based on the first 200 words used.
  • We use a “rolling review” process and attempt to review abstract and provide authors/presenters feedback/outcome of the review within two weeks of submission.
  • Should you not hear from the conference committee within three weeks of submitting your abstract please contact Tim Buescher at the above address.